Here’s is a fun little topic people can have polar opposite opinions on; are solo or group workouts better? Obviously, this question does not have a yes or no answer. It depends on a lot of factors, including the person working out, their goals, and their schedule. But please do keep reading, since we’ll be contrasting the two with the ever-popular “pro-VS-con” argument so you can see what method works best for which situations.


Pros of Solo:

First and foremost, solo is flexible. A lot of people have irregular schedules that makes exercising even just alone difficult, and regular group workouts near impossible. Working out solo means you’ll be able to fit that workout in anytime you want, even if it’s at 1:00 AM because that’s the earliest you’ve got free.

Solo also ensures focus, with no distractions. People are loud, and their phones are full of baby pictures and Instagrammed meals that they’re just dying to show you. Being alone means you can focus on yourself and what you need. Play whatever music you wanna listen to.

Finally, working out solo allows you to aim for fitness goals that are tailored to just you, instead of a general goal for a bunch of different people. You also aren’t held back by a group who can’t do as much as you, and you’re not struggling in a group that’s too advanced for you either.


Cons of Solo:

Sometimes being alone can be, well, lonely. Everyone needs some sort of social activity, and exercising isn’t a bad way of getting it. At the very least it’ll involve less awkward small talk than hanging out in your company break room.

You’ll also have to be a self-motivator. Exercise is not something that everyone wants to do, and the struggle of hitting the gym or chillaxing in front of the TV is a constant struggle. The struggle is easier mitigated by a group of people holding you accountable for showing up at the gym on time.


Pros of Group:

First and foremost, being in a group means you’re not alone. You’re surrounded by people you (hopefully) like, and they’re gonna cheer you on while you force yourself to not give up. A group means that you’ve got support; people who are going to watch over you but also suffer alongside you. The camaraderie does help, and it’s a great motivator to get you through the burn.

It’s also safer. If something happens and you get hurt, someone’s gonna be there for you to lean on. Whether you try lifting a weight that’s got a little too much weight, or pull a muscle while on a run, people will be there to make sure you’re OK.


Cons of Group:

If you’re working out in a group, chances are you’ll be in a good environment with people who want you to succeed. But bad groups exist, consisting of people who’ll tell you negative things that wear you down instead of positive things to build you up. It’s possible they’re not even trying to discourage you, and that kind of talk actually helps them push harder. But maybe it doesn’t for you. Solo exercise eliminates that possibility.


So…Which One is Better?

It just depends. What kind of person are you? Are you getting enough social activity before group workouts? Are you a good self-motivator? What kind of goals are you aiming for? Are you comfortable in a crowded environment? These are all questions you’ve got to ask yourself when deciding which you want to go for. Your answers may even change with time, and that’s OK.