Green Tea. Everyone loves it (except for the people that don’t), and it’s got a lot of supporters in the health world. This leads to a lot of health claims. Like, a lot of health claims, ranging from preventing cancer to burning fast just by drinking it. Are these claims true? Well…


Is Green Tea Healthy?


Oh absolutely yes. No one denies that Green Tea is one of the healthiest drinks out there. If you’re considering starting to drink it regularly, do it. Your body will love it. Green Tea is filled with a variety of Polyphenols, which are antioxidant compounds known to prevent cancer. It’s shown to have positive effects on the heart, brain, and blood pressure, and it’s also a good source of a moderate amount of caffeine, which makes it a nice alternative to people who have unpleasant reactions to the amounts found in a cup of coffee.


Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?


Absolutely…within reason. For instance, those Polyphenols are totally known to prevent cancer to a certain extent, but they’re not unique to Green Tea. You’d be getting a lot of those from about any plant-based diet, and even coffee can give those to you. Don’t treat it like a cancer-killing concoction, because it isn’t. Think of those Polyphenols as fine-tuning maintenance for your cells, not a healing steamroller.

A lot of people will also say drinking it burns fat…which it doesn’t. Some studies have shown an increase in metabolic rate, but it varies on an individual basis and is not linked to loss of fat, belly, or otherwise.

Take care that you’re drinking real green tea too, and not a fancy sugary treat that Starbucks might sell. Likewise, stay far away from scammy “Green Tea Supplements” a lot of stores sell because they have nothing to do with Green Tea.

One final tip is to splurge a little and get the quality Green Teas. It’s just plain healthier and more beneficial than the cheaper stuff, and the taste is probably an improvement too. Either way, you’ll enjoy drinking it and your body will thank you.